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The most important vision/ objective of HTTI  is to strengthen Hindi  Institution which would support Pre-Service Teacher Education (PSTE) & In-Service programmes, Field Interaction and Innovation Co-ordination (IFIC) work together with the teacher at the elementary education level. HTTI should frame a multi level framework of educational development in natural, state, block and local level … Continue reading “Mission”


To act as a liaison between the school and the community. To perceive the role of the teacher as an agent of social change in the community. To develop value education. To develop competency to teaching on the basis of accepted principals of teaching and learning. To develop acquaintance of trainees with the theories of … Continue reading “Vision”


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Message From Principal


               It gives me immense  pleasure  to  welcome  you all to Hindi Teachers  Training Institute, Imphal, Manipur  with  the  hope  that  you become an ideal and  a  competent  teacher  and  acquire  life  skills  to  face the ever changing global   challenges   and   to   contribute   in   the  teaching  learning   process, Education and Society as well.

             The mission of our institution is to produce future good teachers and help  you   while  educating   our   students    with   the   process   of   training. Instruction  and   learning   by   experiences,   understanding   of   principles, logical and critical thinking.

             Keeping  in  mind  the  important  role  of Teacher Education, teachers have the opportunity to engage in professional Education  and  training  and decide   for  themselves  the  content,  methods  and  has  positive  effects  on professional development.

             I wish  the  best to all our students and the faculties  and non teaching staff  of  the  institute. Our success is ahead when we possess the Qualities of “Hard Work“, “Good Discipline” and “Determination“.


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